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River of gujarat
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Hey Friends in This Article I talk about the river of Gujarat. River of Gujarat is a very important topic for Gpsc and other competitive exams. This article deeply explains all river of Gujarat step by step so let’s begin.

  1. Gujarat’s largest river = Narmada
  2. Largest irrigation scheme = Sardar Sarovar scheme
  3. Gujarat’s largest bridge = Golden Bridge (Bharuch)
  4. Most rivers = Kutch district (97)
  5. Gujarat’s longest river = Sabarmati


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River of gujarat

River of gujarat

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 Narmada (Gujarat’s largest river)

  • Origin: Amarkantak (Madhya Pradesh)
  • End: near Bharuch, Khambhat Ghat
  • Length: 1310 km
  • The ancient name of Narmada is “Rewa“.
  • Orasang and Karjan are the tributaries of river Narmada which meet the Narmada near Chandod.
  • The Narmada enters Gujarat from Hafeshwar (Chota Udaipur).
  • There is a waterfall named “Bokhari Ghat” in Surpaneshwar on the river.
  • Narmada river is found in Khambat Bay, 24 km from Bharuch.



  • Origin: the hill of Gawilgadh (Betul district, Madhya Pradesh)
  • End: Near Surat in the Khambhat bay.
  • Length: 724 km
  • In Tapi district, Tapi enters Gujarat from Haranafad station.
  • Tapi is also known as a “daughter of sun”
  • Ukai and Kankarapar schemes are situated on the Tapi river
  • Tapti River goes to Khambhat bay, 18 km away from Surat.


Sabarmati (the tallest river of Gujarat)

  • Origin: Dhebar Sarovar, near Udaipur
  • End: Khambhat bay
  • Length: 371km, 321km in Gujarat
  • Sabarmati is said to be “Amba of Gujarat
  • Sabar and Hathamati river are connected near Sabarkantha’s Prantij and it is known as Sabarmati.
  • Sabarmati is meet Khari, Bhogawo, Mazam, Sedhi, Andheri, Meshwo and Vatarak river.
  • At last, he gets the bay of Khambhat and it is called “Kopalani Khadi”.



  • Origin: Vidya mountain range, Dhar district, Madhya Pradesh
  • End: Khambhat Bay
  • Length: 585 km
  • Mahi river flows into the perennial region(charotar)
  • The right branch of Mahi is bhadar and Anas, Panam and Meshcheri are the supporting tributaries
  • Wanakabori and Kandana are tied on this river.



  • Rises from the hill of Pavadhad.
  • Crocodiles are found in large numbers.
  • Vishvamitri joins the Dhadhar river in Karjan taluka.



  • Origin: The hill of Aravalli
  • End: the Small desert of kutch
  • Length: 270 km
  • Sipri and Balaram are its branches.
  • Dantivada dam is tied on the river Banas.



  • Origin: Tunga Hill
  • End: the small desert of kutch
  • Pushpavati and Khari are its branches.
  • Rupen is Pass Sabarkantha, Patan, Mahesana and Kutch district.



  • Origin: “chori hill”, Danta Taluka 
  • End: the short desert of kutch
  • Length: 150 km
  • Banaskantha and Patan district are spread river.
  • The “Muktishwar dam” is built on Saraswati river in Sabarkantha district.



  • Origin : near jasadan(rajkot), Mandwani Hill
  • End: Near Navabandar in the Arabian Sea
  • Length: 194 km
  • Uben and Ozhan meet Bhadar near the navibandar.



  • Origin: The hill of the dhundhi at gir
  • End: bay of Khambhat near Sultanpur,
  • Length: 173 km
  • Satali, Gagadiya,singvadu, etc. join in shetrunji rivers.
  • At Shetrunji meet in the Gulf of Khambhat near Sultanpur



  • Evolution: pipalner hill
  • End: Arab Sea
  • Length: 80 km



  • Origin: hills of Vasanda
  • End: Arabasagar near Bilimora
  • Length: 64km
  • The Kaveri and kharekha river meet the Ambika River at bilimora.



  • Origin: Arrival of Dharampur Hill.
  • End: Arabasagar
  • Auranga flows to Valsad in North-west.



  • Origin: Maharashtra (Sahadri)
  • End: Arabasagar
  • Length: 80km



  • The Holy City of Parsi flows near Udwada.
  • Split Daman by Pardi
  • many Kalufish avalible in kolak river.



  • The largest river in the south of Gujarat
  • Vapi city provides drinking water


Vadhvan Bhogavo

  • Origin: From the hill of Chotila near Navagam
  • End: Nadsarovar
  • Length: 101 km
  • Nayaka dam near Gautamgarh and Dhothudhja dam near Surendranagar built in river.


Limbadi Bhogavo

  • Origin: Bhimora hill
  • End: Sabarmati
  • Length: 113 km
  • dam near the Thoriyali village



  • Origin: Mandav hill
  • End : kutch small desert
  • Length: 113 km
  • Jamburi, Bania, Maha, Betti, Asoi, are tributaries of Machchhu
  • Machu dam is built in Jodhpur.



  • Origin : From Jandadan Mandav hill
  • Flows into the Botad district
  • End: bay of Khambhat



  • Origin : near Ghelasomnath hill
  • End: bay of khambhat
  • Length: 90 km



  • Origin: From the hill of Raipur near Samadiya(Amareli district)
  • Length: 95 km
  • End: bay of Khambhat
  • Kalubhar river gets singvado, Sasoi, Malan and Dhatarwadi


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