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Mountain Of India
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“Mountain in Indian” is the very important topic for Gpsc and other same levels of competitive examination. There is minimum 2 to 3 Question ask For Indian Geography and I sure it’s definitely of Mountain Of India. In this article I deeply discuss the mountain in India With my handmade maps, so keep learning.


Mountains in India

Mountains in India

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Hills of central India


  • The world’s oldest mountain chain.
  • From Gujarat to Delhi extends (900 km)
  • “Gurushikhar” (1722 m) is the highest peak

Vidyanchal range:

  • extends from Gujarat to Bihar
  • In the south-eastern part of Vidyanchal, there is “Maikal Hills“, whose highest point is “Amarkantak“, from where the river Narmada flows.
  • Between Aravalli and Vidyanchal is the mountain of “Madva

Hills of South India

Satpura range

  • Located in the middle of Narmada and Tapi river.
  • In Gujarat, the part of Satpura is “Rajpipada” and “Hills of Gavilgadh“.
  • Dhupgarh” (1350 meters) is the highest point of Satpura.

Hills of Maharashtra

  • Sahyadri ranges from: Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat.
  • In Gujarat, the part of Sahyadri is a mountain like Tarapore, Wilson, Saputara, Panera.
  • In Maharashtra, the mountain of the famous “Mahabaleshwar” is from where Krishna river flows.
  • Kadasubai” is the highest point of Sahyadri.
  • Apart from this, the mountains of Satmala, Ajanta, Balaghat, and Harishchandra are in Maharashtra.
  • Bababudhangi, Kundremukh and hills of Brahmagiri are In Karnataka.
  • On the outskirts of Kerala, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu are the mountains of “Nilgiri“, whose highest point is “Dodabeta“.
  • There are three mountain ranges are in a shape of “Y” between Tamilnadu and Kerala.
  1. Annamalai’s hill(“Annai Modi” (the highest point of South India)
  2. Pal hill
  3. Cardamom hill


Hills of East India

  • There is a hill of Vilikonda, Palakonda, Nagari, and Nallamalai In Andhra Pradesh.
  • In Orissa, the hills of gadhjat, Asiya, Tilakpada and Mahendergiri is located.
  • In Nagaland, Manipur, and Mizoram there is “Patakai Bhom Range“, which has a “Mountain of Luis” in Mizoram.
  • The Garo, Khasi, and Jaintia Hills are located in Meghalaya.


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