Mathematics and Reasoning Materials for GPSC examination

The “Mathematics Reasoning Materials” is very important subject nowadays GPSC or class 3 level Prelims and main competitive examination. Here you can get Free some important and very useful Mathematics Reasoning material for upcoming GPSC exam.


This material is very UseFul For TET, TAT,HTAT,TALATI KAM MANTRI ,DY.SO,CLERK,JUNIOR CLERK,REVENYU TALATI,Nayab Mamlatdar, constable ,PSI,ASI,PI,GPSC 1 /2,TET-2,TAT-2...ETC Class 1/2 and class 3 level Unlimited Materials For all academy and Creators.

Name Materials byDownload
Resoning Que AnsAngle Academy Download
Basic of mathsDivadandiDownload
ગણ પરિચય gkgripsDownload
ત્રિકોણ gkgripsDownload
સામાન્ય બૌદ્ધિક કસોટી gkgripsDownload
નફો ખોટ gkgripsDownload
ચોરસ ની પરિમિતિ gkgripsDownload
ટ્રેન આધારિત દાખલાgkgripsDownload
સમીકરણ gkgripsDownload
નળાકાર gkgripsDownload
ઘન અને ઘનમૂળ gkgripsDownload
ઘાત અને ઘાતાંક gkgripsDownload
ટકાવારી gkgripsDownload
STD 10 MCQGovermentDownload
number system gujmaterial Download
ક્ષેત્રફળ અને ઘનફળ kishwa PublicationDownload
Purnak sankhyamaru gujaratdownload
Satmanmaru gujaratDownload
Dasans purnak Maru gujaratDownload
day,time and yearmarugujaratDownload
Formula Teaching kishanDownload
Maths formulatusar soniDownload
std 5 to 8 formulavidhyamandirDownload
Short Cut Tricks Vishal VigyanDownload
Std 6-7-8 formulavishalvigyanDownload
સાદુંરૂપ World InBoxDownload
ગુણોત્તર અને પ્રમાણ World InBoxDownload

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